DJ Amo

Introducing Andrew M. Ortiz, AKA AMO as he is known on the set. He’s had no problem distinguishing himself in a crowded industry. His teenage years were devoted to proving himself worth amongst DJs twice his age. Relentless work ethic and commitment to the craft cuaght the attention of DJ’s and promoters alike, earning him spots in New Jersey and New York City nightlight. As respect grew and reputation built, humble beginnings as an opener soon led to more coveted primetime gigs. AMO immersed himself in deep house music and took advantage of every opportunity to convey that to a crew. Each set he spins not only showcases his talen, but connects him to his crowd.

Early experiences motivated AMO to take his passion to music a step further. With a background in drum set and percussion instruments, he decided to hone in on his skills and traditional discipline at Full Sail University in Downtown Orlando Florida. There he quickly established himself, providing a unique, unheard style to the area. He soon found himself playing parties and events in South Beach Miami, a hotbed for house hungry listeners. Andrew is a versatile talent with skills all across the board. He utilizes his talent in music production and drumline to perfectly beat match and creatively mix all types of genres of music. With M.E. for over 5 years, AMO has the versatility to rock any party. Book DJ AMO today to see for yourself!!