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Michael Marquez

My name is Michael Marquez, General Manager here at Mystical Entertainment. I started my entertainment career about 8 years ago as a DJ assistant for Mystical Entertainment Group. I have always had an immense passion for music and an affinity for DJing.

This passion naturally translated into a desire to learn the craft of DJing which lead me to Mystical Entertainment. As I worked more and more events my passion for the entertainment industry grew and I began to perfect my DJing skills and develop my emcee personality. As time passed, I began to take on a larger and more involved role in Mystical Entertainment Group, transforming from assistant to full time DJ/Emcee, and eventually to hold the position I do today.  

I enjoy coordinating all types of events but if I had to choose one specific type, it would be weddings. I truly enjoy the process of planning and executing wedding entertainment for our clients. Seeing them begin their lives together and the excitement they share is both inspiring and motivating. I relish in the fact that Mystical Entertainment takes such a major role in the beginning of their lives together. I am truly grateful and feel blessed that I can experience that time and time again.  

My specialty here is DJ/Emcee. I have a vast knowledge of music and am experienced in reading crowds and making sure each song I play is appropriate for the event at the correct moments. I am fluent in Spanish and have become one of the headliners here at Mystical Entertainment with all Spanish speaking clients. What motivates me the most is creating joy and unforgettable moments for all of my clients and at the end of the day getting paid to party isn’t too bad either!
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