Green Screen Booth Rental

We are proud to introduce our new “Green Screen” booth, which allows you to digitally insert any background image into your photobooth picture! Hawaiian beach, New York City skyline, a scene from outer space, all these are possible with the new Green Screen booth! We want to offer our customers something different than your standard, “run of the mill”, photobooth products.

Great for themed events, our Green Screen booth uses professional grade green screens to create a completely customizable backdrop for your pictures. Having a beach themed wedding? Your guest can take their photos in front of a picturesque, tropical beach! We can even create custom overlays such as palm tress or tropical fish to make for a picture perfect setting! Not sure which backdrop to have? No problem! We can create up to 16 individual backdrops that your guests can choose from right on the spot!


iPhotobooths Green Screen booths are perfect for corporate events too! We can create branded or product oriented backdrops for company picnics, product launches, or promotional events. Have your corporate logo or sponsor logos on the backdrop of your pictures or even place your product in the guests’ hands with a custom made overlay! Be unique!