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Deciding on a hairstyle for any event is difficult but specially for a wedding! There are so many styles to choose from!  How can you choose just one?  Plus, how do you know what will look good in pictures?  And will the style last all day?  Whether you go with an updo, half updo, all down or to the side, here are the pros and cons for each one. We hope this blog helps you get a better idea and helps you choose a style right for you!

To the side:

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-If you are wearing it long and side swept, it’s just like the half updo in the sense that you get to keep the length while still having the security of bobby pins.
-It will look good from the front and in pictures.

-It can be uncomfortable.  Most side updos are low set on the neck, and having an updo right there at the base of your neck by your ear can be annoying after a while.
-In pictures, one side will look great, but the opposite side can look boring.

-Having hair on your neck can cause you to get hot

Our recommendation:
-Make sure you know what side of your hair will be facing the audience during your ceremony, and do your updo on that side.  Also try to be aware of what way you are facing while your photographer takes pictures.  Always try to have the side with the updo towards the camera.


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-Classy and fun!  When do you ever get to wear a beautiful updo and not feel overdone?  Your wedding is the perfect occasion.
-There are SO many options.  An “updo” can mean so many things and fit so many different styles.
-It will hold its shape all day, making it more likely to look good in pictures.

-Updos generally keep hair off your neck and will keep you cool.

-Some updos can look boring from the front.
-They can be uncomfortable, especially if you have really heavy hair.

-Some updos don’t compliment some face shapes

Our Recommendation:
Make sure you really love your updo not only from the back and side views, but from the front too.  Keep it soft and feminine around your face so it’s more interesting.  It helps to leave out some soft curls to frame your face to look feminine and pretty.

All down:

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-It’s a gorgeous look, especially if your hair is extra long.
-It’s comfortable.  You won’t have a headache by the end of the day because you won’t have a bunch of bobby pins in your hair.
-It’s moveable.  You won’t have to worry about it moving around because unlike an updo, it’s supposed to move around!

-The biggest con for hair that’s all down is that it’s the least predictable wedding hair style.  Since it is moveable, it’s almost impossible to keep everything in place.  By the end of a long day it can look ratty and messy.   One out-of-place curl can ruin a picture, and it’s hard to keep volume and shape in hair that’s not pinned at all.

-Hair on you can cause you to be hot, especially if you’re dancing on the dance floor all night.

Our recommendation:
-If you are going to wear it all down, make sure you have time to touch it up throughout the day.  It also helps to re-curl between events throughout the day to keep it looking good.

Half up:

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-You get to keep the look of long curls while still having the security of bobby pins.  Best of both worlds.
– It’s easier to find a place for hair accessories in half updos than in all down styles.
-Since the top half is pinned up, it’s a lot more likely to hold shape and body for the whole day.

-Since half of it is still down, it can easily get messy and out of place just like an all down style

Our Recommendation:
-If you aren’t comfortable with an all up-do, choose a half-up style over an all-down style.  It will be more secure, hold its shape better and it’s an easy way to fancy up an all-down style.
Which style are you going to choose?

Need help with hair styles? Contact us and we can point you to the hair stylist who we like to work with! Or take a look at our Pinterest board to get some more inspiration.

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